Short Stay

For a site in Amsterdam we developed a scheme for a short-stay apartment tower with commercial facilities in the tower base. The complex site conditions with limitations regarding noise and orientation lead to a slender slab with a distinct L-shaped silhouette. The tapered floor plan exaggerates the perspective of the tower profile. By staggering the facade we create noise-free openable facades for the apartments together with a unique expressive identity for the building as a whole. Collective functions for the short stay are placed in the tower base around a patio. A roof garden offers a green retreat from the busy urban surroundings.


Projectnaam: Poseidon – Amsterdam

Opdrachtgever: Grand Relocation en Solvast B.V.

Ontwerp: Geurt Holdijk, Andrike Dollen (Atelier Road), Marijn Mees (Mees Visser)

Programma: 16.200 m2 Short stay, retail

Budget: Niet vrijgegeven

Periode: 2014

Status: Schetsontwerp